Mahmoud Suhail

Dr. Suhail’s Research on Sacred Frankincense

Now that we are home from the mountain top of the Young Living Convention, the question we are most asked is, “What was you favorite part.” As you might imagine that is a hard question to answer.

There were several excellent motivational talks from high level distributors such as Marcella Vonn Harding and from key note speakers such as Bob Procter. There was a moving talk in broken English by a Japanese member who told how she cared for her countrymen with essential oils during the recent tsunami. The new products announcement is always exciting. The breakout sessions were informative, the farm was fun, and Gary Young is always inspirational. But I’d have to say my favorite part this year was Dr. Mahmoud Suhail presenting his research on Boswellia Sacra, or Sacred Frankincense.

Dr. Suhail of Oman, who works in cooperation with Dr. HK Lin of the University of Oklahoma, presented five observations that may change the art of healing.

Observation 1. Boswellia Sacra has proven anti-inflammatory properties.

Observation 2. Boswellia Scara has tissue regeneration properties.

Observation 3. Boswellia Sacra crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Observation 4. Boswellia Sacra has been safely ingested by humans for centuries.

Observation 5. Boswellia Sacra exhibits anti-cancer properties.

Dr. H. K. Lin of the University of Oklahoma has conducted numerous in vitro studies demonstrating that Boswellia Sacra, Sacred Frankincense from Young Living, suppressed growth and killed pancreatic cancer cells, bladder cancer cells, and breast cancer cells within days.

Dr Suhail described one remarkable success, a 76 year old man diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Oman. This cancer had metastasized to the bone and spine and he had been given less than a month to live. Fifteen months following Boswellia Sacra extract therapy he is not only cancer-free, he is building a new house.

Dr. Suhail began his research with a three step plan. Step 1: Optimize extraction methods of boswellia sacra using physical, not chemical, means. Step 2: Conduct in vitro and in vivo testing. Step 3: Conduct human clinical trials. Steps 1 and 2 are complete with positive results. This research is set to be published within weeks. Step 3, human clinical trials, will begin around the world and, hopefully, in the United States, later this year.

This exciting research was my favorite part of the convention because it testifies that the pure essential oils from Young Living are much more than nice smelling aromas. They are God’s healing gift to mankind. And science is finally catching on.

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